Exécutif AHMB

Membres du comité exécutif

Notre exécutif est composé de nombreux bénévoles avec une passion pour le hockey mineur. Si vous avez des questions concernant une équipe, SVP, veuillez communiquer avec le gérant.e ou entraîneur.e en premier.

PrésidentPatrick DeGracepatrick.degrace87@gmail.com(506) 480-8214
Directeur techniqueJonathan Towerhockey (at) jonathantower.ca
Coordonatrice en chefShauna Calnen-David
Directrice des opérationsSylvie Godinsylviegodin@hotmail.com(506) 549-9817
TrésorièreTina Carmichael-Lynchcarmichael_99@ hotmail.com(506) 545-0561
SecrétaireJulie Chiassonbathurst.minor@gmail.com
RegistraireKeri Knowleskleak75@hotmail.com(506) 544-1933
Directeur des collectes de fondsSébastien Duke

Executive Duties

The following duties are as described in the BMHA constitution.

5.3 Members and Duties

 Executive position    

 President - Non-Voting except for deciding vote (ties)

Secretary - oting Member

Treasurer - Voting Member

Operations Director - Voting Member

Fundraising Director - Voting Member

Technical Director - Voting Member

Past President - Voting Member

Chief Coordinator - Voting Member

Registrar - Voting Member


The President of BMHA shall have the overall responsibility for all matters regarding BMHA. He shall preside at all Executive, Committee and all membership meetings. He shall not vote except to cast the deciding vote. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, (except for the Discipline Committee). He shall exercise the authority of BMHA in cases of emergency, subject to ratification by the Executive, within a reasonable period of time. Is the official spokesman for BMHA. The President can delegate in writing and for define period any duties to other Executive member and shall be one of the three signing officers.


The Secretary shall:

  • Record, keep and publish accurate minutes of all meetings held by the Association.
  • Perform any correspondence which the Executive may require.
  • Update or insure the efficient and effective maintenance of the Association website.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Have the care and custody of all funds of the Association.
  • Keep proper books of account thereof.
  • Deposit all funds with such financial institutions as may be approved by the Executive.
  • Present financial statements to the Executive including monthly bank statements, monthly income, and expense reports.
  • A mandatory meeting shall be made with the exiting treasurer after the month of September to insure a transition
Operations Director

The Operations Director shall:

  • Perform all the duties of the President in his/her absence, or inability or refusal to act is/her absence, or inability or refusal to act.
  • Work directly with the scheduler for efficient and effective ice time management.
  • Coordinate and control BMHA Operation Manual and all BMHA equipment.
  • Manage any hired personal of the Association and shall be one of the three signing officers.
Fundraising Director

The Fundraising Director shall:

  • Perform all the duties of the Operations Director in his / her absence, or inability, or refusal to act.
  • Organize and administer all Association fundraising.
Technical Director

The Technical Director shall:

  • Work directly with the Chief Coordinator, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Trainers, Managers and Coordinators for all levels on the delivery of programs, coach development, and any other duties as assigned by the Executive.
  • He shall be responsible to the Executive for ensuring that technical aspects of hockey rules and regulations are communicated to all team managers, coaches and officials.
 Past President

Advisor to the President in the year immediately following their own Presidency.  May attend all Executive meetings with voting privileges.

 Chief Coordinator

The Chief Coordinators shall:

  • work directly with the coordinators of U7, U9, U11, U13, U15 and U18 for the effective selection of teams, delivery of programs, coach development, and any other duties as assigned by the Executive.  The Chief Coordinator may also fill one of the Coordinator’s roles as previously listed

The Registrar shall:

  • Organize all registration dates to commence each season
  • Effectively enter, update, and manage all BMHA rosters according to the Hockey Canada Registry